Docs + Science section of the 59th Krakow Film Festival

Fly away with film to the world of science

Immortality, moon landing, space race or Zeno quantum effect – this year’s edition of the Docs + Science section will showcase the history of great technological achievements and will also take viewers to the fascinating world of undiscovered scientific phenomena. The shows will take place in the Paradox cinema.

– The motto of this year’s Docs + Science section is the Take Off – understood literally as a journey into space or symbolizing an unfulfilled desire to escape; “Take Off” as a metaphor – when it refers to the state of mind associated with communing with a great and incomprehensible – or even a metaphor when it talks about searching for new forms of scientific communication – says Karol Jałochowski, curator of the Docs + Science section, journalist, filmmaker and  physicist.

July 21, 1969 Neil Armstrong, was the first man to stand on the moon. Two months before the 50th anniversary of this event at the Krakow Film Festival will present documentaries devoted to the conquest of space.

“Ticket to the Moon” will take viewers into the Cold War, when it seemed that the only way to escape from the world divided by the Iron Curtain was to fly into space. Thousands of people were going to the moon, to the land of apolitical utopia, and among them the protagonist of this warm ballad of unfulfilled dreams. A film dedicated to the memory of Jerzy Bożyk (1941-2019), the legendary Cracow jazzman, the holder of a ticket to the moon.

A fascinating episode of German space conquest will show the film “Fly Rocket, Fly”. The protagonist of this document is equally fascinating – Lutz T. Kayser makes Elon Musk look pale in comparison. In this story you will find genius and bratwursts and the Congolese core of darkness. It is an adventure film, a political thriller and a farce at the same time.

Space from the perspective of the Atacama Desert can be seen thanks to the documentary “Cielo”. Space is not visible as well from anywhere on Earth as it is at the Chilean desert. Viewers will find that the will resonates with cinema works of  Andrzej Kondratiuk and Patricio Guzmán.

The documentary “The Silver Branch” is equally captivating will be – a film haiku about the search for harmony with nature, guided by Patrick McCormack. This Irish poet and farmer stands in defense of the endangered enclave, the rocky Burren plateau, where the natural is combined with the mystical.

The theme “Take Off” is also a metaphorical definition of scientific learning of things that seem inconceivable. The short film “Mira” is about a small turboprop Turritopsis dohrnii, who knows the great secret of Nature – immortality. This inconspicuous jellyfish, which can endure in an infinite sequence of reincarnations, has become an inspiration for the film’s impression of the common destiny shared by living beings and galaxies.

In turn, the “Zeno Effect” in oneiric open air landscapes of Tokyo will try to bring one of the most paradoxical phenomena of science – the quantum Zeno effect. The film is an experiment on the lines the story and the documentary in which the will see an abduction, an eccentric scientist and a female private detective in crisis, who follows him.

Films in the Docs + Science section will be accompanied by meetings during which in the spirit of the so-called of the third culture, the interlocutors will look for a language that combines science and the humanities in spirit of the so-called of the third culture and also look at the process of experimenting in science and in the art of a documentary that tells this.

The partner of the Docs + Science section is the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation, as part of the ‘Great Questions Anew’ project implemented thanks to the Templeton Religion Trust.

Screenings in the Docs+Science. Take Off section, Kino Paradox, ul. Krupnicza 38

Srebrna gałąź / The Silver Branch, reż. Katrina Costello (IRL), 2018, D, 75ʼ

Bilet na Księżyc / Ticket to the Moon, reż. Veronika Janatková (DE, CZ), 2019, D, 68ʼ

Niebo / Cielo, reż. Alison McAlpine (CAN, CL), 2017, D, 78’

Leć rakieto, leć / , reż. Oliver Schwehm (DE, BEL), 2018, D, 91’

Mira, reż. Amanda Tasse (USA), 2018, F, 9’

Efekt Zenona / Zeno Effect, reż Dagomir Kaszlikowski (SGP), 2019, D, 51’