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Israel, Germany2023documentary73'International Documentary Competition

At different stages of life physical intimacy means different things, but its absence can be equally hurtful. The director observes his senior parents whose relationship burned out a long time ago, for which his mother tries to compensate with increasingly riskier shopaholism. The son initiates a psychodrama featuring his parents and at the same time tests his own marriage, which is falling into a routine. This hybrid, self-reflexive and to a large extent self-ironic documentary poses the question whether monogamy nowadays is still the best form of a relationship between two persons.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Ohad MilsteinQ&A guest

An award winning Israeli documentary filmmaker. He teaches cinema at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem and lives in Tel Aviv. His films are studies of narrative structure powered by a strong visual component and cinematic expression that examine the boundaries of documentary filmmaking. “Summer Nights” (2021) won the Israeli Academy Award - Best Documentary and the First Prize of DocAviv Film Festival, Tel Aviv. Other cinematic works include: “Knock on the door” (2023), “Flood” (2018), “Week 23” (2016), “Planets” (2014), "Systema" (2010) "Obsession" (2008).

Ohad Milstein
May Elimelech, Rahel Streiff-Milstein, Avi Milstein, Rita Milstein
Shahaf Wagshall
Ohad Milstein
Ohad Milstein (Ohad Milstein)
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