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Life Is Beautiful

Norway2023documentary93'International Documentary Competition

When Mohamed Jabaly, a young Palestinian filmmaker, was invited to Norway, he did not realize he would have to stay there over the next seven years. He could not go back to Gaza because Israel had just closed the only border crossing with Egypt. After his visa expired, he could not stay in Egypt, either, and he was not interested in a refugee status. As a formally stateless person, he remained in the state of suspension fighting for the possibility of a legal return and meanwhile documenting political and administrative absurdities. The result is a tragicomedy about Palestinian fate which evoked wide interest in the film world and beyond.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Mohamed Jabaly

A Palestinian filmmaker, producer, and artist from Gaza City. He came to Norway in 2014 and has since made a name for himself in the international film industry. His first full-length documentary "Ambulance" has been shown at the world's largest film festivals and has won several awards. Currently, he is pursuing his MA in Fine Art at the Oslo National Academy of Art. In 2019, he joined Stray Dogs production as a director. His latest feature documentary "Al Haya Helwa - Life is Beautiful" premiered at IDFA in 2023 and Jabaly was awarded Best Director.

Mohamed Jabaly
Gaute Barlindhaug
Erland Edenhold
Kristine Skaret, Sarah Winge-Sørensen (Stray Dog Productions AS)
Kadr z filmu Life Is Beautiful