I Am the Creation of Fiction

Poland2024documentary75'National Competition

‘I have achieved all I wanted in life’, says Andrzej Seweryn, an eminent Polish actor who then grabs us on a dynamic journey through successive professional challenges, which he still takes up with youthful fervour. This is not a biography listing his professional achievements, such as hundreds of outstanding film and theatre roles, political activity or a long-term directorship of the Polski Theatre. The actor remains at the peak of his career and does not slow down at all. The camera becomes his companion in everyday tasks helping us to see from up close his passion for work and all the emotions as they arise.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Arkadiusz BartosiakQ&A guest

A director and screenwriter of documentary films, short films, and commercials, born 1975. He is a graduate in economics from the University of Warsaw, film directing at the Warsaw Film School, and the DokPro program at the Wajda School. He has worked as a reporter and foreign correspondent and is an author of three journalistic books. He has dedicated the last three years to working on the documentary "I Am the Creation of Fiction". Currently he is developing the project for a feature-length film titled "Rozdrobnienie X".

Kacper Wójcicki
Arkadiusz Bartosiak
animated by
Andrzej Seweryn
Adam Szlenda
Filip Wójcicki, Paweł Laskowski
Katarzyna Kubacka-Seweryn (Camfilm Kubacka-Seweryn sp.j.)
Kadr z filmu I Am the Creation of Fiction