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Omar and Cedric: If This Ever Gets Weird

Germany2023documentary127'International DocFilmMusic Competition

This film has the dynamics of progressive rock, the preferred genre of the cult American band Mars Volta for over twenty years. The lives of its founders, Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodríguez-López, unfolded in similar rhythms. They were in for a truly bumpy ride marked by ethnic diversity, drugs, stage excesses and a fling with scientology. The film edited out of hundreds of hours of archival footage (Omar documented himself and his close ones) is a painfully honest portrayal of long-term friendship, joint successes, transformations and failures.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Nicolas Jack Davies

A Grammy-nominated and highly awarded storyteller with a reputation for cinematic, innovative and emotive work, noted for both his formal inventiveness and emphasis on the humanity of his subjects, in particular their capacity to tell their own stories in their own way. Selected filmography: "Look Back Don't Stare: a Story About Progress" (2010), "The Road to Red Rocks" (2014), "Rudeboy: the Story of Trojan Records" (2018), "Gorillaz: Song Machine Live Kong" (2022).

Gary Forrester, David Atkinson
Johann Scheerer, Sam Bridger, Alice Rhodes (Clouds Hill Films)
Kadr z filmu Omar and Cedric: If This Ever Gets Weird