Joana Mallwitz - Momentum

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Men in the music business are never asked about how they can juggle a career and a family. The film character, who conducts the best European orchestras, explains that the most important thing is to have a good team – both in the family and at work. Joana Mallwitz is filmed over the breakthrough period of two years when her son is born and her career considerably speeds up. Regardless of whether she stays at home, at rehearsals or in the limelight, the German conductor tries to prove that finding the right rhythm in life is at least equally important as perfection.

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Günter AttelnQ&A guest

Film director, author and producer, born in 1971. The thematic focus of his work has always been music. He first studied musicology, psychology and economics, before joining the team of a Berlin based film production in 1997. Since then, Günter has directed and authored a large number of documentaries, some of which have been awarded with a variety of prizes, including “Soulscapes – The Choreographer Uwe Scholz”, “Die Thomaner” and “The Lost Paradise”, a rare portrait about the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

Michael Boomers
Günter Atteln
Joana Mallwitz, Simon Bode, Igor Levit
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