Animated in Poland Workshop


29.05, 13.45 – 15.15 – POTOCKI PALACE (PP) 

Access with passes: Industry, Industry Pro, Industry Light

Anna Głowik – a producer from the Letko studio will talk about models of cooperation with an animation studio. You will find out what the path of cooperation in the production of an original short film looks like, how the producer can help you and what materials you should have to convince him to your project. Participants will learn a set of features and skills essential for working in an animation studio, as well as the benefits for creators of working on full-length film projects and animated series.

Anna Głowik – Head of production at Letko, Warsaw based animation studio specializing in 2D animation and international co-productions. Recently Anna worked as line producer on “Odo” (52 x 7), Polish – Irish animated TV series for preschoolers, sold to over 150 countries and produced a short film “Magda”, which she also co-written. She is also a part of international project “Woman in War” and she’s developing a new series “Happy not lucky” (52 x 11) as a creative producer. Anna is a graduate of the Production Department of The Polish National Film School in Lodz.

The workshop is co-organized by: