KFF Industry: CEDOC MARKET call for projects

Call for the next edition of the co-production market organized by Doc Lab Poland and KFF Industry and held as part of the Krakow Film Festival is now open!

From this year the event will be held under a new name – CEDOC MARKET (Central European Documentary Market). The submissions will be open until April 15th. The market will be held – as all the other KFF Industry events – online on June 3rd-5th.

CEDOC MARKET (so far organized under the name DOC LAB POLAND Co-Production Market) is the only co-production platform in Poland addressed to documentary film producers looking for Polish and foreign partners. Organized since 2015, the event focuses primarily on building creative cooperation between producers and filmmakers from across Europe.

CEDOC MARKET  is dedicated to the producers with projects in development or early stage of production. Producers without a project can also apply on the condition that they are expirienced in the international co-productions. 

Application form
Information about requirements

Participation in CEDOC Market is free of charge.  We offer all participating producers a KFF Industry accreditation (entitling the holder to access all Industry events and Official Festival Screening Online programme).