KFF Industry: DOC LAB POLAND 2021 participants and projects announced

21 projects got selected for this year’s edition of DOC LAB POLAND organized by the Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation. There are many recognized Polish filmmakers as Eliza Kubarska, Pawel Chorzepa, Piotr Bernas, Matej Bobrik among them. First session in 2021 will be held on April in Warsaw (online or in a hybrid mode) while the second one with pitchingis DOCS TO START, DOCS TO GO! and individual meetings is planned offline at Krakow Film Festival as part of the KFF Industry.

DOC LAB POLAND is organized since 2015 and is a program of comprehensive development of documentary projects in an atmosphere of partner discussion, addressed to producers and directors. The result of the six completed editions so far is approx. 150 developed or pitched projects, from which almost 50 films winning awards around the world have already been made. The event also includes open lectures during the Warsaw Film Festival. It is the largest program of this kind in Poland.


  • ARCTOWSKI director: Katarzyna Dąbkowska, producer / production company: Ewa Żukowska – Studio Żuk
  • FEAR LESS director: Edyta Sewruk, producer / production company: Ewa Hoffmann – Eh! Ewa Hoffmann
  • MAN OF MARBLE director: Szymon Kuriata, producer / production company: Katarzyna Kuca, Aneta Zagórska – Film Kraków Sp. z o. o.
  • GIRL’S STORIES director: Aga Borzym, producer / production company: Marta Dużbabel, Agnieszka Rostropowicz-Rutkowska – Pinot Films
  • THE SILK ROAD director: Marcin Lesisz, producer / production company: Marcin Lesisz, Mateusz Sajdak – Stowarzyszenie „Lubińska Grupa Filmowa Uisel Studio”
  • STEP BY STEP director: Eliza Kubarska, Michał Woroch, producer / production company: Monika Braid – Braidmade Films
  • WILD SOUL director and producer: Marcin Gęsiarz
  • THE INVISIBLES director: Piotr Bernaś, producer / production company: Aleksandra Szczęsna – Hasko Film
  • PAPA WAS A KING OF KONGO director: Joanna Ratajczak, producer / production company: Maciej Kubicki, Joanna Ratajczak – Telemark
  • „…AFTER 20 YEARS” director: Diana Kadłubowska, Krzysztof Kadłubowski, producer / production company: Krzysztof Kadłubowski – Studio Filmowe Plus Tv D.Kadłubowska, K.Kadłubowski
  • ABOU’S JOURNEY director and producer: Gosia Juszczak
  • GUEST WORKER director: Matej Bobrik, producer / production company: Agnieszka Skalska – Koi Studio
  • LATE LOVERS director: Anna Wowra, Lena Jabłońska, producer / production company: Rafał Sakowski – Story Vehicle
  • WIELICKI director: Dariusz Załuski, producer / production company: Małgorzata Wala – Go Everest Studio


  • ARTISTS director and producer: Marcin Łobaczewski
  • INKA ON THE NET director: Piotr Bartos, producer / production company: Bartek Bartos – MANIFIESTA
  • DESERT MEDICINE director: Rita Ciołek, producer / production company: Rita Ciolek – Kazia Productions, LLC
  • PEOPLE I KNOW director: Zofia Pregowska, producer / production company: Zofia Pregowska – Prego media
  • MY PLACE OZERNA director: Karina Będkowska, producer / production company: Monika Braid – Braidmade Films
  • SILENCE HEARD LOUD director and producer: Anna Konik
  • FATHER AND SON director: Paweł Chorzępa, producer / production company: Joanna Dobrzańska – Bees Film House