KFF Talks. Fake News, Disinformation, and AI

We live in times of uncertainty, where you can’t immediately know which information is true and which has been fabricated or generated by artificial intelligence. Perhaps the article you’re reading was written by a machine, and the KFF TALKS meetings will never take place. To verify the latter, you must go to the Potocki Palace on the 26 th and 28 th of May, where fascinating discussions on AI and disinformation are going to be held. Supposedly.

For several years now, we’ve been stepping into a domain traditionally reserved for fields other than the art of cinema. We want to talk about topics that emerge from the titles presented at the festival but from entirely different, sometimes vastly disparate points of view. This is precisely what our conversations during KFF Talks are for. This year, of course, we won’t shy away from artificial intelligence, and we’ll also delve into discussions about disinformation, – shares Barbara Orlicz-Szczypuła, Head of the Festival’s Programme Department.

KFF TALKS is a series of exceptional meetings and captivating discussions with prominent figures not only from the world of cinema. These are conversations at the intersection of philosophy, hard science, natural sciences, and humanities about the state of the world and the place of man in contemporary reality.

AI: Repulsive, Dirty, Evil

On one hand, it is portrayed as humanity’s salvation from everyday monotony, an amplifier of scientific thought, and a catalyst for artistic endeavors. On the other – as a destructive force, concealing the machinations of big corporations behind attractive interfaces. How should one think about artificial intelligence? Certain insights may be gleaned from the films showcased in this year’s edition of Docs+Science and the inaugural KFF Talks panel.Special guests – Anna Wasilewska, Sławomir Wojciechowski, and Michał Bejger – representing diverse spheres of creativity – literature, music, and astronomy, respectively – will discuss AI with Karol Jałochowski. Each of them has their own concerns and hopes regarding the escalating presence of AI. Are they similar? Or different? Or perhaps, as we contemplate this invention in terms of losses and gains, we overlook what is most fascinating about it: its distinct, “inhuman” sensitivity.

KFF Talks: AI. Repulsive, Dirty, Evil

26.05 SUN 4:00-5:30 P.M.| PAŁAC POTOCKICH

Partner: Pulsar

New Narratives. Disinformation Isn’t The (Biggest) Problem

From Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin to the scripts of historical films – alternative visions of history and contemporary politics are increasingly prevalent in media, films, and TV series. Never before have we had such easy and inexpensive access to information. AI is already being used by propagandists. Are subjective truths – or more precisely, the new narratives construed from them – a new threat to the recipients of media and culture? And do fiction creators always have unlimited freedom in crafting them? Małgorzata Majewska, Dariusz Rosiak, and Marcin Żyła will discuss the challenges for media and the boundaries of art. Screenings of selected festival films, such as Son of the Mullah (dir. Nahid Persson), Putin’s Playground (dir. Konrad Szołajski), and Of Caravan and The Dogs (dir. Askold Kurov, anonymous creators) will perfectly complement their discussion.

KFF Talks: New Narratives. Disinformation Isn’t The (Biggest) Problem

28.05 28.05 TUE 5:30-7:00 P.M | PAŁAC POTOCKICH

Partner: Raport o stanie świata

Passes for the 64 th Krakow Film Festival are on sale now!

Passes for the 64 th Krakow Film Festival are on sale now! The Krakow Film Festival is on the exclusive list of qualifying events for the Oscars® in the categories of short film (live action, animated, documentary) and documentary feature, as well as a recommending event for the European Film Awards in the same categories.

The Kraków Film Festival is organised with the financial support of the Municipality of Kraków, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the European Union’s Creative Europe program, the Lesser Poland Province, the Polish Film Institute. The festival is co-organised by the Polish Filmmakers Association.

The 64th Krakow Film Festival will be held in cinemas from 26 May to 2 June and online across Poland on the KFF VOD platform from 31 May to 16 June 2024.

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