Krakow in Gdynia, that is, the films from the 59th KFF at the 44th Gdynia Film Festival

Thanks to several years of cooperation between the Gdynia Film Festival and the Krakow Film Festival, the viewers in Gdynia will again have a chance to watch selected films awarded in Krakow. In the section “Krakow Film Festival Catching Waves,” there are two music documentary films, a surrealist animated film, and a sharp and current outlook on Poland as well as a biography of a steadfast lawyer.

“Advocate,” directed by Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche the Golden Horn for the best film

For fifty years, Lea Tsemel has been defending the cases which are considered lost. This Israeli human rights activist became famous mainly as the defence counsel of Palestinians, also the ones accused of terrorism. From rich archival materials and current recordings, a fascinating portrait of a steadfast woman emerges.

“Once Aurora,” directed by Stian Servoss, Benjamin Langeland the Golden Heynal for the best music documentary film

She comes from the land of the fjords and is sometimes called the child prodigy of Björk and is one of the most charismatic vocalists of the young generation. In the film, Aurora Aksnes opens the door to her magical world. In front of us, there is a portrait of the artist who tries to save her independent spirit and her childlike sensitivity.

“My Country So Beautiful,” directed by Grzegorz Paprzycki the Golden Hobby-Horse for the best Polish film

The ironic title of the documentary film refers to the intensification of radical moods in Poland in the last few years. According to the initial subtitle, it constitutes ” non-chronological documentation of selected social events.” The director juxtaposes marches, demonstrations and street riots, but also the speeches of anti-fascist organisations. Here, the Poles appear to be a deeply conflicted nation and even divided into groups who use the same concepts to mean completely different things.

“The Men’s Room,” directed by Petter Sommer, Jo Vemud Svendsen,the Audience Award

In 2016, before the concert of the Black Sabbath in Norway, an amateur choir consisting of 25 men was supposed to perform. One day, as a joke, they promised each other that if one of them dies, the rest will sing at his funeral. It turns out that Ivar, who has been directing the choir for many years, is the first one to go. The film tells the story about a shared passion, about rough male friendship and about being together at the most difficult moment.

“Portrait of Suzanne,” directed by Izabela Plucińska the Golden Dragon for the best short film

A small hotel in France, and inside, a man who tries to prevent his hunger for love by eating excessively. Unexpectedly, his left foot turns into his lost love – Suzanne… However, it is only the beginning of the grotesque story, made out of plasticine, about loneliness, jealousy and love.

You can find more information about the films on the festival’s official website.

All films from the section “Krakow Film Festival Catching Waves” will be shown at the cinema Helios (the shopping centre Riviera). A detailed schedule will be announced on the 5th of September. This is when the sale of tickets for individual screenings will start.

The 44th Gdynia Film Festival is held from the 16th to the 21st September 2019, in Gdynia.