Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

Canada, Spain2021documentary119'Docs+Science (2022)

Orson Welles once said, ‘Film has a personality, and that personality is self-destructive. The job of the archivist is to anticipate what the film may do — and prevent it.’ Welles, possibly the best director in the world, did not add how valuable this carrier was as it recorded not just emotions or frames of cheap entertainment but also knowledge about the past. The Spanish director’s documentary portrays attempts of saving even just a fraction of the multitude of stories registered on celluloid film and resistance to destruction and entropy – the defiance of collective amnesia.

directed by
Inés Toharia, portret reżysera
Inés Toharia

Daniel Vilar
Inés Toharia
Robert Marcel Lepage
Abraham Lifshitz, Inés Toharia
Isaac Garcia, Paul Cadieux (El Grifilm Productions / Filmoption International)
Kadr z filmu Film, the Living Record of Our Memory