Awarded films – International Documentary Competition

4 films
This competition held the whole world and gave a vote to those who are not always heard.
  • A Year in the Life of the Country (Rok z życia kraju)

    dir. Tomasz Wolski

    Martial law, which was imposed in Poland on 13 December 1981, targeted the Solidarity movement, but it had other faces, too. On the basis of exclusively archival footage, the film explores the backstage of the past events. It undermines the mythicised image of Polish society as a victim of the system.

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    film still A Year in the Life of the Country
    Awards:Silver Horn
  • Intercepted (Przechwycone)

    dir. Oksana Karpovych

    What are Russian soldiers talking about when they call their families from the front? The phone conversations recorded by the Ukrainian secret service in the first six months of the war reveal a completely different picture than the one created by the Kremlin propaganda. When set against post-apocalyptic views, they make a paralysing study of enslavement and conformism.

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    film still Intercepted
    Awards:Silver Horn / Special Award
  • Of Caravan and The Dogs (Of Caravan And The Dogs)

    dir. Askold Kurov, Anonymous 1

    In Russia, those who hail the truth are considered foreign intelligence agents. One example is journalists of Novaya Gazeta, which received the Nobel Peace Prize six months before the invasion of Ukraine. How to maintain independence when the screws are being put on even harder?

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    film still Of Caravan and The Dogs
    Awards:Golden Horn
  • Silent Trees (Drzewa milczą)

    dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka

    Runa, a 16-year-old Kurdish girl, had escaped from Iraq to avoid the attacks of ISIS and, together with her family, became stuck on the Polish-Belorussian border. Eventually, she managed to reach Poland, where she needed to grow up at an accelerated speed. Thanks to her animated drawings, the audience can discover more about her.

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    film still Silent Trees
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse / Wyróżnienia