Awarded films – International Documentary Competition

3 films
This competition held the whole world and gave a vote to those who are not always heard.
  • Is There Anybody Out There? (Czy jest tam ktoś?)

    dir. Ella Glendining

    The film director and protagonist in one defies stereotypes related to otherness and disability. Despite a severe body deformity, she lives her life to the fullest and finds fulfilment as a woman and artist. To find out whether there are people with a similar affliction elsewhere in the world, she sets off on a journey.

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    film still Is There Anybody Out There?
    Awards:Silver Horn / Special Award
  • My Name Is Happy

    dir. Nick Read, Ayse Toprak

    In 2015, Turkish-Kurdish singer Mutlu Kaya was shot in her own house. The film authors follow the life of the girl who decided to bring the culprit to justice and put up a fight for the recovery of her voice becoming the symbol of opposition against the impunity of perpetrators of honour killings.

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    film still My Name Is Happy
    Awards:Golden Horn
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  • Who I Am Not

    dir. Tunde Skovran

    Sharon was a finalist of the Miss South Africa beauty pageant, while Dimakatso is a well-known activist. What they share is intersexuality, i.e. they possess traits of both sexes. Meanwhile, the world requires them to unambiguously declare their identity, which is not always in line with their subjective feelings.

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    film still Who I Am Not
    Awards:Silver Horn