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Cinophiles will surely find something for themselves here. They will watch a film set, listen to stories from the past, discover the professional secrets of creators and look at the film archive.
  • All My Fucking Superheroes

    dir. Piotr Kabat

    A young director travels to Los Angeles to sign a contract with a Hollywood film studio. A seemingly ordinary taxi ride turns into an epic odyssey through film history, pop culture and personal memories.

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    film still All My Fucking Superheroes
  • Cry Me Through Hell (Di Yu Cui Lei Bu)

    dir. Jae Yang

    Airports are usually places full of hustle and bustle where crowds pass each other on escalators. This one, however, is different. Noone rushes Mr Wu; what is more, an airline employee starts a friendly conversation with him about his daughter. If everything seems to be in perfect order, why is the viewer becoming suspicious?

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    film still Cry Me Through Hell
  • I Am the Creation of Fiction (Jestem postacią fikcyjną)

    dir. Arkadiusz Bartosiak

    ‘I have achieved all I wanted in life’, says Andrzej Seweryn, who then grabs us on a dynamic journey through successive professional challenges, which he still takes up with youthful fervour. The camera becomes his everyday companion helping us to see from up close all the emotions as they arise.

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    film still I Am the Creation of Fiction
  • Kuba

    dir. Marcin Strauchold

    Janusz Morgenstern was a director of films and TV series that left a permanent mark on Polish cinematography, such as ‘Good Bye, Till Tomorrow’, ‘To Kill This Love’ or ‘More Than Life at Stake’. Morgenstern’s portrait is woven out of broadcasts, photos, interviews with his loved ones and his own films.

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  • Life Is Beautiful (Al Haya Helwa)

    dir. Mohamed Jabaly

    When Mohamed Jabaly, a young Palestinian filmmaker, was invited to Norway, he did not realize he would have to stay there over the next seven years. He could not go back to Gaza because Israel had just closed the only border crossing with Egypt. As a result, he made a tragicomedy about Palestinian fate.

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    film still Life Is Beautiful
  • Monogamia

    dir. Ohad Milstein

    The director observes his senior parents whose relationship burned out a long time ago, for which his mother tries to compensate with shopaholism. The son initiates a psychodrama featuring his parents and at the same time tests his own marriage, which is falling into a routine. Is monogamy still the best form of a relationship?

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    film still Monogamia
  • Suisunday

    dir. Tal Menkes

    A rucksack suddenly falls from the edge of the table. No, it is not true. Nothing happens suddenly. The backpack started falling the moment it was put away by Naomi. Her gesture began the process whose result we could see. What happened in the case of Albert and what decision will he take when he stands above a dying bee?

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    film still Suisunday
  • The Andersson Brothers (Bröderna Andersson)

    dir. Johanna Bernhardson

    A renowned Swedish director, Roy Andersson, had three brothers, but their lives parted dramatically at a certain time. A daughter of one of them, standing behind the camera, in both an intimate and uncompromising way, x-rays the family story marked by addictions and conflicts.

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    film still The Andersson Brothers