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Cinophiles will surely find something for themselves here. They will watch a film set, listen to stories from the past, discover the professional secrets of creators and look at the film archive.
  • Battu’s Bioscope (Kiniarze z Kalkuty)

    dir. Andrzej Fidyk

    Mr. Battu, the film-loving owner of a travelling cinema, and his 80-year-old assistant Mama embark on another journey to show films in areas of India where there are no cinemas, no television, no electricity.

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    film still Battu’s Bioscope
  • Description Found Years Later (Rysopis znaleziony po latach)

    dir. Sławomir Rogowski, Stanisław Zawiśliński

    A multi-dimensional portrait of one of the most distinctive artists in the history of Polish cinematography. Wojciech Jerzy Has always hovered over the line where the mainstream met the avant-garde and his biography was marked by moments of artistic triumphs and personal tragedies.

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    film still Description Found Years Later
  • Dreaming Arizona

    dir. Jon Bang Carlsen

    ‘A documentary fantasy played out by real people,’ – is how the director described his film bordering on observation and creation, cinema and theatre. The protagonists are five secondary school students from a town in Arizona and the main theme involves feelings, traumas and dreams of these young people.

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    film still Dreaming Arizona
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  • Mieczysław Jahoda. Wizard from Krakow (Mieczysław Jahoda. Sztukmistrz z Krakowa)

    dir. Wiktor Skrzynecki

    Mieczysław Jahoda, a cameraman and pioneer of photographic techniques, was a champion of mood creation. The film is a reminiscence about the author of such Polish classics as "Knights of the Teutonic Order", "The Manuscript Found in Saragossa" or "How Far, How Near".

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    film still Mieczysław Jahoda. Wizard from Krakow
  • Silent House (Khaneye Khamoosh)

    dir. Farnaz Jurabchian, Mohammad Reza Jurabchian

    These walls witnessed the history of Iran as well as the turbulent story of three generations of a family residing in a Teheran villa for over half a century when the world around them was in tumult and everything was changing. Women played a particular role in all this.

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    film still Silent House