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Professionals dance and amateurs dance. Dancing is medicine, fun, support and even a spiritual journey.
  • Bgirl Badli

    dir. Charlotte De Cort

    Dancing is everything for her. At the young age of 14, Mali leaves her family home and moves to a bigger city to live with her older sister and be closer to her dream school. The teenage girl is ready to make sacrifices but her body does not always want to follow her dreams.

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  • In My Skin (En Mi Piel)

    dir. Sándor M. Salas

    Lace, taffeta and subtle elegant adornments. Wide sleeves, frills, deep necklines and long colourful earrings. Canes, crutches and wheelchairs. This hypnotic dance show is a flamenco performance created by persons with disabilities who feel free and fulfilled while dancing.

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  • No Elephant in the Room (Globus)

    dir. Clara Kleininger-Wanik

    When a new law banning circus shows featuring animals enters into force, Adi and Mioara, animal trainers in a Bucharest circus, must come up with an idea of how to make their shows more attractive so that they do not lose their audience. A world-famous circus director arrives at Romania from as far as Las Vegas in order to help.

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    Awards:Special Mention
  • Reed Dance (Taniec trzcin)

    dir. Andrzej Fidyk

    Held in the Kingdom of Eswatini, the titular reed dance is an annual ceremony where tens of thousands of unmarried women come to dance in extremely skimpy outfits in front of the king in the hope that he will choose one of them as his next wife.

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  • Vika!

    dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka

    Vika, who is 84, is one of the eldest DJs in the world. Because of her attitude, she is far from any stereotypes about senior citizens. Bittersweet documentary musical about consistence in following your own path and fighting for your dreams.

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