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Man and nature. On the one hand, a reality marked by a climate catastrophe, on the other hand, untouched nature.
  • Father and Daughter

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    A bike leaning against a tree, the memory of the last hug and the image of a boat sailing into the expanse of a lake are everything that a little girl was left with after her father, who he disappeared without a trace one day. The daughter continues to return to the lake hoping to hug her father again one day. Oscar-winning animation about longing and the passing of time.

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  • Fauna

    dir. Pau Faus

    The world of ‘Fauna’ is a reality of contrasts and contradictions. In Barcelona’s suburbs, two apparently unrelated stories are taking place – one in nature, while the other one – behind closed doors of a scientific lab. Can these worlds remain independent of each other?

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  • Mudhole (Moddergat)

    dir. Job Antoni

    In 2039, a delegation of the International Climate Tribunal arrives at Moddergat, a small village on the Dutch coast. The time has come to make a human sacrifice to Mother Earth or other forces. Who, if not humans, is responsible for the terrible condition of our planet? Can a volunteer change his mind at the last moment?

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  • Onlookers

    dir. Kimi Takesue

    Onlookers offers a visually striking, immersive meditation on travel and tourism in Laos, reflecting on how we all live as observers. Traversing the country's dusty roads and tranquil rivers, we watch as elaborate painterly tableaus unfold, revealing the whimsical and at times disruptive interweaving of locals and foreigners in rest and play. Onlookers invites audiences to reflect on their own modes of tourism, while asking the looming existential questions: Why do we travel? What do we seek?

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  • Songs of Earth

    dir. Margreth Olin

    Many years go the director left her family home. Today, she returns to the mountainous region of Western Norway with a camera, walking in the footsteps of her parents and ancestors in order to answer the question: where do I come from? Her family story is transformed into a breadth-taking poem, both visual and auditory.

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  • Step by Step

    dir. Felix Starck

    Two young Berliners at the peak of the pandemic decide to turn their life around and finally settle down somewhere far from civilization. Warm and full of humour and positive energy, it is a film about a family, roots and dreams that become reality. At the same time it is a practical manual for enthusiasts of organic farming.

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  • The Biological Invasions. The Case of Ovis Orientalis Musimon on the Island of Tenerife: « The Last Mouflon» (Las invasiones biológicas. El caso del Ovis orientalis musimon en la isla de Tenerife: «El último muflón»)

    dir. Omar Al Abdul Razzak, Shira Ukrainitz

    The mouflon, wild sheep with beautiful curved antlers, were brought to the island as an attraction. Nevertheless, they should not be admired but killed. One animal becomes separated from the herd – will it manage to survive? Based on real events, the animation documents the harm done to the species in Tenerife.

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    film still The Biological Invasions. The Case of Ovis Orientalis Musimon on the Island of Tenerife: « The Last Mouflon»
  • The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge)

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    A castaway stranded on a desert island does not admire paradisial landscapes. He does whatever he can to escape from it at the first opportunity. His perspective, however, changes when he meets a red turtle. This poetic story which won an Oscar nomination is an invitation to meditation on beauty, nature and the consecutive stages of human life.

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  • The Visitors (Návštěvníci)

    dir. Veronika Lišková

    Together with her husband and two children, Zdenka moves from the Czech Republic to Spitsbergen to carry out studies on social change occurring in the northernmost city on Earth – Longyearbyen. Life at the end of the world feels like a dangerous adventure. The island is changing – a mine needs to be closed down because of climate change, while globalisation limits the freedom once enjoyed by the residents.

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