21 films
Work in human life plays a huge role. It should satisfy material needs, influence the development of a person, give satisfaction and self-esteem.
  • A Good Mind Grows in Thorny Places (Dom Strom)

    dir. Katarína Gramatová

    A poetic story about growing up. Adam is a 12-year-old boy who lives in a Slovak village. He is a local lumberjack and additionally takes up different odd jobs. In general, he likes to do everything. Although his life is not easy, he is able to notice beauty everywhere.

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    film still A Good Mind Grows in Thorny Places
  • Blank Page Syndrome (Baltās lapas bieds)

    dir. Jānis Ābele, Toms Šķēle

    In the world where printing machines keep spouting millions of pages of new books, there is a reality preceding this process. A contemporary author is struggling with writer’s block over a blank piece of paper.

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  • Distances (Odległości)

    dir. Matej Bobrik

    The story of a Nepalese family living in Poland who believe that a better future awaits them here. However, a change in living conditions puts their relationship to a severe test

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    film still Distances
  • Hardly Working (Hardly working)

    dir. Susanna Flock, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf

    "Hardly Working" sheds a limelight on the very characters that normally remain in the background of video games: NPCs.

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    film still Hardly Working
  • Here For You (Jestem)

    dir. Cezary Orłowski

    Bartek’s mother would like to prepare her son for the worst and at the same time the inevitable, i.e. her own death. She secures his financial and legal future, teaches him what to do when the time comes. And although the boy with trisomy is an attentive listener, completely different thoughts have absorbed his mind and his heart. He has just met a wonderful girl.

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    film still Here For You
  • Honey Bunny

    dir. Gracjana Piechula

    A simple hug lowers the level of cortisol and blood pressure, at the same time strengthening resistance and self-esteem. Life can be hard without it, as experienced by Staszek and Alinka. In their marriage, closeness has been replaced by routine. Everything changes when Alinka takes up the work of a hugger at Honey Bunny salon.

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    film still Honey Bunny
  • In My Hands (W moich rękach)

    dir. Igor Kuna

    A young determined man, despite not having his left arm, strives to be a hero as a fireman and father. Devoid of dialogues, the film shows the stalwart strength of the human spirit and boundless love using just images and sound.

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    film still In My Hands
  • I Am the Creation of Fiction (Jestem postacią fikcyjną)

    dir. Arkadiusz Bartosiak

    ‘I have achieved all I wanted in life’, says Andrzej Seweryn, who then grabs us on a dynamic journey through successive professional challenges, which he still takes up with youthful fervour. The camera becomes his everyday companion helping us to see from up close all the emotions as they arise.

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    film still I Am the Creation of Fiction
  • I, Rosiński (Ja, Rosiński)

    dir. Piotr Kielar

    Grzegorz Rosiński, one of the most renowned Polish comic strip creators and the author of drawings for the series ‘Thorgal’, has retired. But what does it mean for an artist to end his career? Rosiński keeps drawing and plans to leave the profession on his own rules only.

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  • Joana Mallwitz - Momentum

    dir. Günter Atteln

    The eponymous character, who conducts the best European orchestras, says that the most important thing is to have a good team – both in the family and at work. Joana Mallwitz is filmed over the breakthrough period of two years when her son is born and her career considerably speeds up.

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    film still Joana Mallwitz - Momentum
  • Johatsu – Into Thin Air (Johatsu)

    dir. Andreas Hartmann, Arata Mori

    In Japan, there are specialised companies that help people to vanish into thin air. Such escapees may leave everything behind and start a completely new life someplace else. Together with them, the viewer becomes immersed in the mysterious world of double identities and hidden family dramas.

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    film still Johatsu – Into Thin Air
  • Joko

    dir. Izabela Plucińska

    Grotesque, Roland Topor and Plasticine, i.e. Izabela Plucińska returns yet again with an animation exposing human weaknesses, which is full of absurd and black humour. This time, using 600 dolls and 200 kilograms of plasticine, she shows the mechanisms of manipulation and social hierarchy.

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    film still Joko
  • Koka

    dir. Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk

    On the coast of the Bering Sea, where time has stopped, a father and son make a living by fishing. They live in austere, almost ascetic conditions, where the rhythm of life is determined by successive fishing trips.

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    Awards:Special Award
  • Limits of Europe (Hranice Evropy)

    dir. Apolena Rychlíková

    A prominent Czech journalist leaves her family and joins “cheap labour force” in Western Europe. She experiences first-hand the struggles of Eastern European low-wage workers whose sacrifice and hard work allow for the Western society’s comfort.

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    film still Limits of Europe
  • Needle (Igła)

    dir. Józef Gross

    A punk story about the Z generation without censorship. Oscar, who lives in Toronto, returns to Krakow after many years. He carries a baggage of difficult life experiences with him and has a plan for the coming future – tattooing.

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    film still Needle
  • Of Caravan and The Dogs (Of Caravan And The Dogs)

    dir. Askold Kurov, Anonymous 1

    In Russia, those who hail the truth are considered foreign intelligence agents. One example is journalists of Novaya Gazeta, which received the Nobel Peace Prize six months before the invasion of Ukraine. How to maintain independence when the screws are being put on even harder?

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    film still Of Caravan and The Dogs
    Awards:Golden Horn
  • Otherland (Obczyzna)

    dir. Piotr Wysocki

    Poland through the eyes of immigrants. Over the course of 10 years, we follow ups and downs of three characters who have moved to Warsaw from the smallest region of Russia, located in the Caucasus. They are of the same nationality, but their ambitions differ. How will their lives turn out in their new homeland?

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    film still Otherland
  • Ready (Etoimoi)

    dir. Eirini Vianelli

    When distinguished representatives of the country look at you from paintings on the walls, you had better behave decently. Meanwhile, employees of the Greek parliament kill time with meaningless activities and behave like little children. Where are those who made great Greek history?

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    film still Ready
  • Tiger Soup (Zupa z tygrysa)

    dir. Kacper Świtalski

    A clash of grey communist reality with the American dream. A nostalgic story of Staś, a welder, who left Poland in the 1970s to start working in the biggest and oldest travelling circus in the world.

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    film still Tiger Soup
    Awards:Golden Hobby-Horse
  • Wałęsa by Wałęsa (Wałęsa według Wałęsy)

    dir. Andrzej Fidyk
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    film still Wałęsa by Wałęsa
  • When Harmattan Blows

    dir. Edyta Wróblewska

    As an 8-year-old girl, Barbara shared the fate of thousands of Ghanaian children who were forced into slave labour by their own parents. After many years she comes back to her family home to ask questions that have bothered her for her entire life.

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    film still When Harmattan Blows