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  • Baldiga - Unlocked Heart (Baldiga - Entsichertes Herz)

    dir. Markus Stein

    In the 1980s, West Berlin was the European LGBT+ capital. Jürgen Baldiga, a photographer, poet and activist, became its co-founder and chronicler. The archival materials he left behind were used to tell a neurotic story about himself and the community living in the shadow of AIDS. Age rated: 18+

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    film still Baldiga - Unlocked Heart
  • Between Silence and Sin (Între Tăcere și Păcat)

    dir. Diana Nicolae

    Can poetry pose a threat to a dictatorship? The poems written by Ana Blandiana outraged Nicolae Ceaușescu and his entourage, but they enchanted and touched her readers and literature afficionados, also from outside of communist Romania. The poetry of the legendary author crossed national boundaries, volumes of her poems were published in the West – yet despite many opportunities, she decided to stay in her country.

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    film still Between Silence and Sin
  • Blank Page Syndrome (Baltās lapas bieds)

    dir. Jānis Ābele, Toms Šķēle

    In the world where printing machines keep spouting millions of pages of new books, there is a reality preceding this process. A contemporary author is struggling with writer’s block over a blank piece of paper.

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    film still Blank Page Syndrome
  • I, Rosiński (Ja, Rosiński)

    dir. Piotr Kielar

    Grzegorz Rosiński, one of the most renowned Polish comic strip creators and the author of drawings for the series ‘Thorgal’, has retired. But what does it mean for an artist to end his career? Rosiński keeps drawing and plans to leave the profession on his own rules only.

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  • Joko

    dir. Izabela Plucińska

    Grotesque, Roland Topor and Plasticine, i.e. Izabela Plucińska returns yet again with an animation exposing human weaknesses, which is full of absurd and black humour. This time, using 600 dolls and 200 kilograms of plasticine, she shows the mechanisms of manipulation and social hierarchy.

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    film still Joko
  • The Miracle (Cud)

    dir. Ewa Borysewicz

    The life of a young man, a hedonist and a sinner, is turned upside down when his wife becomes pregnant. The protagonist tries to escape, but it does not bring him any comfort. To the contrary, it complicates his life even more. Combining animation with acting, the film borders on experimental cinema.

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    film still The Miracle
    Awards:Special Mention / Special Award