New media

8 films
The festival, which showcases VR productions, could also not miss documentaries that talk about new technologies. How does the media affect the protagonists, do they help or hinder their lives more?
  • Are You There? [PL audio descritption] (Jesteś tu?)

    dir. Xawery Deskur

    DJ Edee Dee aka Edward Gil-Deskur, is an iconic figure in Krakow’s club world. Edward was born with congenital glaucoma and will soon completely lose his eyesight. In his adaptation to the new reality, he is assisted by AI, with whom he begins to form an increasingly closer relationship.

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    film still Are You There? [PL audio descritption]
  • Dark Cloud Memories (GiUkEun MukGuReum)

    dir. Seung-hee Jung

    In this futuristic vision of the world, memories are recorded in a virtual cloud. One day, the animation character loses all her images from the past, but she still believes she will be able to recover her memories. However, such messages as ‘Disk full. Buy a subscription. Battery low’ do not help the situation.

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    film still Dark Cloud Memories
    Awards:Silver Dragon
  • Don Lewis and the Live Electronic Orchestra

    dir. Ned Augustenborg

    In the 1970s, Don Lewis, who was an electronic engineer and musician, constructed a synthesizer that could generate and mix sounds on an unprecedented scale. However, the story of success turned into a drama of a man striving for recognition and struggling with racial prejudice.

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    film still Don Lewis and the Live Electronic Orchestra
  • Hardly Working (Hardly working)

    dir. Susanna Flock, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf

    "Hardly Working" sheds a limelight on the very characters that normally remain in the background of video games: NPCs.

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    film still Hardly Working
  • Intercepted (Przechwycone)

    dir. Oksana Karpovych

    What are Russian soldiers talking about when they call their families from the front? The phone conversations recorded by the Ukrainian secret service in the first six months of the war reveal a completely different picture than the one created by the Kremlin propaganda. When set against post-apocalyptic views, they make a paralysing study of enslavement and conformism.

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    film still Intercepted
    Awards:Silver Horn / Special Award
  • In My Hands (W moich rękach)

    dir. Igor Kuna

    A young determined man, despite not having his left arm, strives to be a hero as a fireman and father. Devoid of dialogues, the film shows the stalwart strength of the human spirit and boundless love using just images and sound.

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    film still In My Hands
  • Only Day And Night [PL audio description] (Tylko dzień i noc)

    dir. Grzegorz Brzozowski

    In the pandemic, during the strict lockdown period, human contacts were limited. Online conversations became the most common way of communication. The director employed them to talk to people stuck alone at home, just like him. What were they afraid of? How were they doing?

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    film still Only Day And Night [PL audio description]
  • Stay Homas. The Band That Shouldn't Exist (Stay Homas. La banda que no hauria d’existir)

    dir. Oriol Gispert, Nick Bolger, Ramon Balagué

    The trio from Barcelona helped many to survive the lockdown. The songs referring to the pandemic situation, which were recorded by Stay Homas at their balcony, went viral and brought them popularity all over the world. Eventually, they had to cease to be an online phenomenon only.

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    film still Stay Homas. The Band That Shouldn