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  • Goodbye My Wonderful World (Żegnam cię, mój świecie wesoły)

    dir. Joo Joostberens

    The film title alludes to a traditional Polish mourning song, which was included on the album ‘Rzeczy ostatnie’ recorded by the band Polskie Znaki. The project aimed to dust off folk music, which for centuries had put people at ease with regard to death before it became a taboo in modern culture. The story of the album is at the same time an essay on passing away.

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    film still Goodbye My Wonderful World
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  • Radical Move

    dir. Aniela Gabryel

    A theatre or a sect? Art or violence? For the first time the members of the legendary theatre collective Workcenter founded by Jerzy Grotowski speak so frankly about their experiences related to work using the methods devised by one of the greatest revolutionaries in Polish and international theatre.

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    film still Radical Move
    Awards:Special Award
  • The Monk and the Fish (Le moine et le poisson)

    dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

    Black ink combined with pastel watercolours, dynamic animation and a story based on a Taoist legend enthralled the audience and critics alike ensuring a Cesar award as well as Oscar and BAFTA nominations for the film.

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    film still The Monk and the Fish
  • The Time after the Rain (El temps després de la pluja)

    dir. Júlia Girós, Pol Picas, Nina Solà

    Young Mohamed Dih, who in Seville, returns to his birthplace – a refugee camp in Western Sahara. Time flows differently here: the times of the day are marked by calls to prayer and the seasons – by the rainfall. When a torrential downpour destroys his family’s home, the protagonist stays in the camp for longer to help to rebuild it.

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    film still The Time after the Rain