Tales of the Jewish World

5 films
Stories about the lost world and a look at contemporary Jewish traditions.
  • Ambulance (Ambulans)

    dir. Janusz Morgenstern

    Janusz Morgenstern's short film touches on a rarely addressed and tabooed theme from World War II - the extermination of Jewish children.

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    film still Ambulance
  • Image liberation! Remu Cemetery (Cmentarz Remu)

    dir. Edward Etler

    A semi-documentary impression of the historic interiors of the Remu Synagogue in Krakow and the surrounding cemetery.

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    film still Image liberation! Remu Cemetery
  • Meir Ezofowicz

    dir. Józef Ostoja-Sulnicki

    Two influential Jewish families: The Ezofovichs, famous for their modern views advocating the assimilation of Jews, and the Todros, Karaites preaching a return to the teachings of the Bible live in the same town.

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    film still Meir Ezofowicz
  • The Klezmer Project (Adentro mío estoy bailando)

    dir. Leandro Koch, Paloma Schachmann

    There are no real klezmers any more. A young Argentinian film maker who has Jewish roots wants to prove otherwise and sets off with his camera for Moldova. This musical and documentary road cinema combined with a love story sometimes may change into a self-deprecating joke or an essay on the dying Yiddish culture.

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    film still The Klezmer Project
  • The Sleeplessness of Jutka (Bezsenność Jutki)

    dir. Maria Görlich-Opyd

    Julia, who is 7, thinks she came to Łódź on holiday only, but in fact she lives with her family imprisoned in the ghetto. Her grandfather tries to explain the world to her comparing it to the story of Minotaur. A subtle combination of dramatic World War II events with Greek mythology.

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    film still The Sleeplessness of Jutka
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