National Competition

Sunday, May 31 16:00 / Online room 2 /

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National Competition

List of films

  • Your Own Bullshit

    dir. Daria KopiecPoland2020animated6'

    Find a job, get married and get down to work – the slogans repeated by his parents make the character’s ears bleed. This animated caricature of a family dinner and a satire on the life in the shadow of social expectations is a drama in three acts. It includes two dishes and a dessert – topped with a religious sauce, spiced with choral singing and served on grotesque tableware.

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  • Pilgrims of Divine Mercy

    dir. Przemysław Jan ChrobakPoland2020documentary83'

    In this road movie four repeat offenders, who converted in prison, set off on foot to the Vatican, drawing a special trolley with a gift for the pope – a painting of Merciful Jesus. Four of them are tough guys badly bruised by life, while the fifth pilgrim seems to be a mismatch running away from his own demons.

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Sunday, May 31 16:00 / Online room 2 / 89'