Short Film Competition

Monday, June 1 20:00 / Online room 4 /

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Short Film Competition

List of films

  • Average Happiness

    dir. Maja GehrigSwitzerland2019animated7'

    Standard elements of data presentation ran away from Power Point and became the protagonists and the set design of the animation. The sensual dance of bar charts, diagrams and digits alludes to the mutual impact of individual indicators, a domino effect and problems of individuals hidden behind statistical reports.

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  • Nina

    dir. Hristo SimeonovBulgaria2019fiction20'

    This example of small realism in cinema is an observation of a trapped girl, devoid of affectionate sentimentalism. Nina makes her living as a pickpocket. On one occasion she is caught red-handed, but her victim decides not to call the police and, instead, offers help.

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    • Hristo Simeonov

  • Wade

    dir. Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp SanghviIndia2019animated11'

    A dystopian vision of Calcutta flooded by water, inevitably rising due to global warming. Its residents, paddling in the flood, deprived of their homes, fight for survival with a pride of tigers. Who will win this battle? Who will have to be sacrificed to save others?

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    • Upamanyu Bhattacharyya
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    • Kalp Sanghvi

  • Just a Guy

    dir. Shoko HaraGermany2020documentary15'

    This is not yet another story about a psychopathic murderer and a rapist, although Richard Ramirez was definitely such a person. It is a story about women who were fascinated with him and with whom he maintained correspondence. The director, being one of them, gives them the voice employing the animated form.

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    • Shoko Hara

  • Chubby

    dir. Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty MancinelliCanada2019fiction22'

    Trembling camera. Christmas tree. Lights. Holiday commotion, talks, arguments and naughty children. Fun that gets out of control. Or, maybe it got out of control much earlier? The secret that charismatic Jude is hiding will tear this delicate family tissue into shreds.

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    • Dusty Mancinelli
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    • Madeleine Sims-Fewer

  • keep shiftin'

    dir. Verena WagnerGermany2019documentary21'

    A glass plant in a border region comes to life with the arrival of its first employees. They are well-built, tattooed men from the Czech Republic and Germany. They live in symbiosis, communicate in both languages, but mostly they are focused on work. Thanks to their strong muscles, fragile beauty is created.

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    • Verena Wagner

Monday, June 1 20:00 / Online room 4 / 96' + Q&A