National Competition

Wednesday, June 3 14:00 / Online room 2 /

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National Competition

List of films

  • Portrait of a Woman

    dir. Natalia DurszewiczPoland2020animated5'

    This eponymous "female portrait" is made of social expectations, stereotypes and cultural constructs. Finally, the woman decides to liberate herself from the surrounding limitations. Will she manage to escape? This animated interpretation of a poem by Wisława Szymborska, a Nobel Prize Laureate, was painted using the palette of red shades.

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    • Natalia Durszewicz

  • Submission

    dir. Michał CiechomskiPoland2020fiction30'

    A story of an angler who faces the end of the world. The ominous prophecy of Saint Ichthys begins an apocalyptic story about the bond between Nature and Man and about how easy it is to destroy the delicate balance between these forces. Intriguing and discomforting, the film is part of the discussion about ecology, not without humour.

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    • Michał Ciechomski

  • Paper House

    dir. Martyna HoldaPoland2020animated6'

    In a "paper house" there lives a girl who has never been loved by her family. For her mother, she has always been a burden, a dispensable element roaming around. The girl has always had to play by herself, perform the scenes of a loving family using dolls and escape to the world of imagination. This black and white animation reminds us that childhood is not always colourful.

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    • Martyna Holda

  • Kites

    dir. Franciszek Dźwierżyński, Łukasz StryjewskiPoland2020documentary5'

    Kite surfers in the Hel Peninsula. The power of the element and people who can harness it with seemingly childlike carelessness. Breath-taking evolutions. And the passion which literally and figuratively lifts them into the air.

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    • Franciszek Dźwierżyński
    • ,
    • Łukasz Stryjewski

  • Beyond Is the Day

    dir. Damian KocurPoland2020fiction26'

    Black and white photographs, amateurs in leading parts and the small realism of Poland’s provinces. Paweł is a single man who works on a small river ferry. Day by day he keeps doing the same things until he meets Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone he can talk to.

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    • Damian Kocur

  • Noamia

    dir. Antonio GaldamezPoland2020fiction29'

    The sun will rise any minute now. A new day is about to start. Fishermen are returning to land with nets full of fish. Screams of seagulls wake up the inhabitants of a seaside metropolis and superintendent Delman is beginning another investigation. It may be the most difficult case of his life because he and the victim share a secret. A genre film with elements of social realism.

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    • Antonio Galdamez

Wednesday, June 3 14:00 / Online room 2 / 101' + Q&A