National Competition

Wednesday, June 3 21:45 / Online room 2 /

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National Competition

List of films

  • The Stone

    dir. Bartosz KozeraPoland2020fiction25'

    There is a stone in the middle of the park. It is not a typical boulder. When a nun in a wheelchair touches it, she is healed. The abbess of her convent dreams of announcing the miracle but for the archbishop the stone is too secular, too common to be considered a miraculous object. The abbess does not want to give up. She comes up with another idea.

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    • Bartosz Kozera

  • Fortunata

    dir. Paweł BanasiakPoland2020documentary80'

    An extraordinary life story of a Polish model and a celebrity who made a dazzling career in Italy in the early 2000s. The high-octane lifestyle has its price – addictive euphoria turns into depression. And when after many years she seems to have found her peace thanks to faith, the story takes an unexpected turn…

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    • Paweł Banasiak

Wednesday, June 3 21:45 / Online room 2 / 105' + Q&A