National Competition

Friday, June 5 22:00 / Online room 2 /

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National Competition

List of films

  • Reason

    dir. Szymon RuczyńskiPoland2020animated8'

    A woman called a witch lives in a small town. People accuse her of casting spells on them, causing the death of seven cows, stopping the development of municipal investments and other misfortunes. Only one woman defends the witch. Will she also change her mind when a tragedy strikes her? Hate and double morality are an inherent part of this story about a witch hunt.

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  • Glass Negatives

    dir. Jan BorowiecPoland2019documentary39'

    The discovery of the eponymous negatives portraying the local Jewish community which were hidden in the attic of a townhouse in Lublin becomes the starting point for a fascinating journey in time and space. The thorough analysis of the miraculously retrieved photos leads to surprising findings…

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  • Papa

    dir. Maryia YakimovichPoland2020documentary29'

    A beautiful and moving film about a difficult love. Atmospheric, fleeting animations and VHS home video footage bring back careless moments of the past. But happy childhood is only an illusion covering up difficult memories: the father's mental illness, fear and the family breakdown.

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  • The Fear

    dir. Pawlina Carlucci SforzaPoland2020documentary28'

    A terrifying story about the times of lawlessness and the fear which still helps to protect the identities of the murderers. Right after World War II, near Przeworsk, people returning from forced labour in Germany were killed by their neighbours in large numbers. The authors of the film have managed to reach bloodcurdling accounts of the people who as children witnessed the atrocities.

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Friday, June 5 22:00 / Online room 2 / 104'