National Competition

Saturday, June 6 10:00 / Online room 1 /

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National Competition

List of films

  • Lushfulness

    dir. Weronika SzymaPoland2020animated6'

    A glance into the mirror encourages a young woman to gradually discover her carnality. She starts with uncertainty and distance to continue with increasing courage and interest. The bolder are the woman’s gestures, the subtler the animation. An erotic game employing visual understatement, body fragments and blurred contours begins.

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    • Weronika Szyma

  • Last Days of Summer

    dir. Klaudia KęskaPoland2020fiction26'

    A summer idyll in a thriving family vineyard is interrupted by an assault on Yana, one of its seasonal workers. The victim’s story can only be confirmed by one person, her friend Tosia. The teenager faces a difficult moral dilemma between justice and protecting her family. What will she choose?

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    • Klaudia Kęska

  • Tell Me More

    dir. Martyna PeszkoPoland2020documentary29'

    A minimalist chronicle of everyday challenges that one needs to face when looking after a paralysed person. A daughter takes up efforts to talk, possibly for the last time, to her mother, who communicates with the world only through eye ball movements.

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    • Martyna Peszko

  • Sonny

    dir. Paweł ChorzępaPoland2019documentary40'

    A subtle story of difficult family relations. Marcin was taken away from his alcoholic parents when he was twelve and he spent the rest of his childhood in a children's home. After he comes of age, he comes back to his family home and tries to re-establish contact with his father. Yet alcohol addiction turns out to be more powerful.

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    • Paweł Chorzępa

Saturday, June 6 10:00 / Online room 1 / 101' + Q&A