Short Film Competition

Saturday, June 6 12:00 / Online room 3 /

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Short Film Competition

List of films

  • All Her Dying Lovers

    dir. Anna Benner, Eluned Zoe AianoGermany, Czech Republic2020animated6'

    They say that once there was a nurse who was raped by the Nazis. Supposedly, she fell ill after that. Apparently, she decided to take revenge... The animation tries to reconstruct an urban legend from the times of World War II using stories told by the residents of a Czech town.

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    • Anna Benner
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    • Eluned Zoe Aiano

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    dir. Mads KoudalDenmark2019fiction19'

    A story about an impossible, albeit inevitable, choice as well as a profound bond between a mother and a daughter. Seldom does life write for us scenarios we would dream about. An unwanted official letter changes both characters’ course of life forever. Only one of them is fully aware of what is going to happen, but she is unable to prevent it.

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    • Mads Koudal

  • The Fantastic

    dir. Maija BlåfieldFinland2020documentary29'

    Cinema is powerful, it affects the senses, stimulates imagination and, above all, influences what we think about the world. The protagonists of this documentary are refugees from North Korea who, on the basis of smuggled foreign films, shaped their vision of reality outside the borders of the closed country.

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    • Maija Blåfield

  • My Name Is Sonila

    dir. Suela BakoFrance, Albania2019fiction20'

    A group of pickpockets robs the passengers of a city bus. Sonila’s purse is also stolen from her bag, which she refuses to ignore. She is convinced that she can recognise the perpetrators if the police help her. Minute by minute, this simple incident is turning into the Kafkaesque absurd.

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    • Suela Bako

  • Epitaph

    dir. Victor AsliukBelarus2020documentary28'

    This Belarussian necropolis is a place where some people can meet with dead family members and spend time on contemplation. Few others try to look for the traces of the past there and yet another group engages into family feasting. The faces from tomb photographs, frozen in time, look at all of them.

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    • Victor Asliuk
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    • Volha Dashuk

Saturday, June 6 12:00 / Online room 3 / 102' + Q&A