Short Film Competition

Saturday, June 6 14:00 / Online room 3 /

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Short Film Competition

List of films

  • Coming Home

    dir. Benjamin SwiczinskyAustria2019animated4'

    Donald Trump announces the day when "cowboys lost to Indians". America is re-settled by its indigenous peoples, while others have to go back home. Bruce Lee, Robert de Niro, Woody Allen, among others, set off on their journey… A film about the US immigration policy, the fear of immigrants and colonialism observed from a distance and presented in the comic book style.

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  • White Eye

    dir. Tomer ShushanIsrael2019fiction21'

    An ordinary situation transforms into a social drama. By accident, the protagonist finds his beloved bike which was stolen a month ago in the street. Trying to get it back, he launches a chain of events that will soon make him question his own actions. Who commits a graver crime here? The apparent thief or the noble and just man?

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  • Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother

    dir. Stephen IrwinUnited Kingdom2020animated10'

    There is a hunt in progress, more and more animals are falling dead. Only a little boy is resistant to the hunter's shots. A bullet doesn't kill him, but opens a tunnel to a magical forest in his belly. This is how a psychedelic journey in a time loop, full of bizarre animals, absurd events and surprising metamorphoses, begins.

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  • The Verdict in the Case of K.

    dir. Özgür AnilAustria2020fiction30'

    The court verdict for a rape on a 17-year-old girl during a young people’s party filmed by the perpetrator’s friend using a mobile phone does not close the case. The trauma of the victim as well as her family remains. It is the sigma that everyone will have to learn how to live with. Yet, its perception is different for everyone – the teenage girl, her brother and society.

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  • Little Miss Fate

    dir. Joder von RotzSwitzerland2020animated8'

  • Overdue

    dir. Tessa Louise PopeThe Netherlands2019documentary24'

    Three girls tell their stories of taking the most important decision of their lives. Their faces shown in close-ups express more than words: pain, solitude and the overwhelming burden of responsibility. Even though all of them are convinced that they did the right thing, the experience of abortion will change their lives forever.

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Saturday, June 6 14:00 / Online room 3 / 97'