Focus on Denmark

Sunday, May 31 16:00 / Online room 3 /

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Focus on Denmark

List of films

  • Daimi

    dir. Marie GrahtøDenmark2012fiction19'

    It is Christmas. The presents under the Christmas tree have been there for a long time, but twelve-year-old Daimi is waiting for her mother to return before she unpacks them. She is alone in an empty flat accompanied only by her pet, an unruly pig.

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  • Our Fathers' Sons

    dir. Ulaa SalimDenmark2014fiction8'

    A relationship between a father and a son at the backdrop of generational and cultural differences. The father, born in Jordan, moved with his family to Denmark to have a better life. Now, his son needs to face all the prejudice directed toward his father.

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  • Ikki Illa Meint

    dir. Andrias HøgenniDenmark, Faroe Islands2018fiction21'

    What are the consequences of blocking someone online? An accidental meeting of two friends in a shop gives rise to reflections on social media and their role in human contacts.

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  • Ernst and the Light

    dir. Anders Thomas Jensen, Tomas Villum JensenDenmark1996fiction12'

    Jesus Christ returns to earth with a mission to save the world with the assistance of a new chosen individual. But two thousand years later the world is completely different and the chosen one is not particularly interested in the proposal of collaboration.

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  • Untamed

    dir. Juliette VigerDenmark2016animated8'

    New York, jazz and… a wolf. A reticent teenager tries to tame her father who has turned into a wild animal. Lost in his musical madness, he becomes increasingly more distant from his daughter and cannot see the scale of destruction caused by his behaviour.

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  • Maja

    dir. Marijana JankovicDenmark2018fiction22'

    A tender glance at immigration as seen by a child. Maja, together with her parents, moves from Serbia to Denmark where she has to learn overnight how to function in a completely new and foreign reality.

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Sunday, May 31 16:00 / Online room 3 / 90'