Short Matters!

Sunday, May 31 18:00 / Online room 3 /

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Short Matters!

List of films

  • (Fool Time) Job

    dir. Gilles CuvelierFrance2017animated17'

    Pedro has found a new job. A kind of strange one, but these days, he can't afford to be fussy. It's a real chance! Anyway, he's never been the kind of getting cold feet ...

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  • A Worthy Man

    dir. Kristian HåskjoldDenmark2018fiction19'

    Night after night Erik works alone in his bakery. His only company is the late-night radio show, which he persistently attempts to get through to be honoured "Joker of the Week". He has gradually become more and more distant to his family, and all his efforts to re-establish the connection seem in vain. A growing depression hurls Erik into a tailspin, that in the end culminates in a desperate cry for help.

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  • Black Sheep

    dir. Ed PerkinsUnited Kingdom2018documentary27'

    The story of Cornelius Walker, whose life changed on the day, when is peer Damilola Taylor was killed. Filmed with non-actors, the film blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction to pose difficult and highly topical questions about race and identity. Who decides what makes us who we are? And what compromises are we prepared to make in order to fit in?

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Sunday, May 31 18:00 / Online room 3 / 63'