Tuesday, June 2 14:00 / Online room 1 /

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List of films

  • Solar Walk

    dir. Réka BucsiDenmark2017animated21'

    "Solar Work" is an experimental and playful visual composition made by Hungarian-born Réka Bucsi. Space exploration pursued by the film protagonists is, according to Bucsi, a beautiful adventure, absurd and melancholic at the same time. The universe as animated by the artist reveals the face which is surprisingly friendly, if not human.

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  • Baikonur. Earth

    dir. Andrea SoriniItaly2019documentary76'

    The Baikonur Cosmodrome developed in the 1950s is the birthplace of the myth of Soviet space exploration and the symbol of its growth and decline followed by partial resurrection. This desert region of Kazakhstan, crossed by the Silk Road in the past, is also the place where other myths have been building up.

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Tuesday, June 2 14:00 / Online room 1 / 97'