Short Film Competition

Tuesday, June 2 12:00 / Online room 4 /

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Short Film Competition

List of films

  • The Father

    dir. Gleb OsatinskiUSA2019fiction9'

    Andrei must sign documents in order to have his father disconnected from life support. This definitive decision triggers old memories in the man. "The Father" is a subtle story, full of tenderness, about the relationship between the father and the son, the most important things and moments that shape us as human beings.

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    • Gleb Osatinski

  • The Golden Buttons

    dir. Alex EvstigneevRussia2020documentary19'

    This Russian school for cadets has frozen in time. Although the boys can use mobile phones to talk to their family members and surf online, the spirit and thinking about the power of the eastern empire seem to have remained unchanged for years.

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    • Alex Evstigneev

  • Beyond Noh

    dir. Patrick SmithUSA, Japan2020animated4'

    A journey through cultures, traditions and beliefs of people from all over the world using 3475 masks. The masks from the Japanese Nō theatre, Mexican skulls or decorations from the carnival in Venice are mixed with pop culture images of Hello Kitty or Lord Vader. Each of them is a symbol or has a secret story to tell.

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    • Patrick Smith

  • Los Bengalas

    dir. David Valero SimónSpain2019fiction21'

    The backlands of sunny Spain and an old-school band in its annual tour of festivals in small villages and towns. Shiny jackets and catchy songs. This time, however, the tour is different. The lyrics become lost, just like time and places. It is a journey towards the last great concert of life.

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    • David Valero Simón

  • Ghost Eye

    dir. Wouter Sel, Thijs De CloedtBelgium2020animated19'

    Johnny Supro is like an animated "Taxi Driver" from Scorsese's film who observes moral decay from his car: violence, alcoholism and sexual assaults. Was his life influenced by a girl called "Ghost Eye"? A neo-noir journey to the darkest corners of the human soul.

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    • Wouter Sel

  • The Butler

    dir. Daniel DencikDenmark2019documentary25'

    Christopher is a young and well-read man whose passion is cycling. Although he regularly participates in competitions, he always loses. It is not just bad luck, but his conscious decision. Empathy and the need to be useful turn out to be essential.

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    • Daniel Dencik

Tuesday, June 2 12:00 / Online room 4 / 97' + Q&A