Screening of awarded films - Golden and Silver Dragons

Sunday, June 7 19:00 / Online room 2 / 80

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Screening of awarded films - Golden and Silver Dragons

List of films

  • Just a Guy

    dir. Shoko HaraGermany2020documentary15'

    This is not yet another story about a psychopathic murderer and a rapist, although Richard Ramirez was definitely such a person. It is a story about women who were fascinated with him and with whom he maintained correspondence. The director, being one of them, gives them the voice employing the animated form.

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  • The Golden Buttons

    dir. Alex EvstigneevRussia2020documentary19'

    This Russian school for cadets has frozen in time. Although the boys can use mobile phones to talk to their family members and surf online, the spirit and thinking about the power of the eastern empire seem to have remained unchanged for years.

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  • He Can't Live Without Cosmos

    dir. Konstantin BronzitRussia2019animated16'

    Konstantin Bronzit returns to take the viewers to space again. This time the director shows a story of a woman and her son who is born … in a space suit. The boy's dreams of a space flight are toned down by his mother as space has already taken someone away from her. A moving animation about growing up and looking for your destiny.

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  • Chubby

    dir. Madeleine Sims-Fewer, Dusty MancinelliCanada2019fiction22'

    Trembling camera. Christmas tree. Lights. Holiday commotion, talks, arguments and naughty children. Fun that gets out of control. Or, maybe it got out of control much earlier? The secret that charismatic Jude is hiding will tear this delicate family tissue into shreds.

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Sunday, June 7 19:00 / Online room 2 / 80'