Screening of awarded films

Sunday, June 4 14:00 / MOS 1 / 100

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Screening of awarded films

List of films

  • There Are People in the Forest

    dir. Szymon RuczyńskiPoland2023animated10'

    Polish-Belarusian border from a bird’s eye view. Refugees, who are trying to cross it to get to Poland, are hiding in the forest. As if in a computer game, they need to go back to square one when they encounter an evil character or the game is over. Based on the author and witnesses’ accounts, the animation depicts the terrifying humanitarian crisis which has been going on since 2021.

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  • Polar Bears

    dir. Bartek StankiewiczPoland2023fiction20'

    Powerful clutches, full concentration, sweat, a blanket and a bicycle. No head start. Two brothers and two paths that cross one evening, extremely important for the younger one. Kuba is preparing for his first half-professional wrestling fight. Unexpectedly, his elder brother comes to his aid. However, his intentions are not entirely selfless.

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  • Faces of Agata

    dir. Małgorzata KozeraPoland2023documentary72'

    When she was 16, Agata heard that she would most likely bleed herself to death within 2 years. On that day she was born anew. After 20 years and over 30 face surgeries, she lives in London and works as an artist who turned her struggle with a lethal disease into art.

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Sunday, June 4 14:00 / MOS 1 / 100'