Screening of awarded films

Sunday, June 4 18:00 / MOS 1 / 100

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Screening of awarded films

List of films

  • Zima

    dir. Tomek Popakul, Kasumi OzekiPoland2023animated26'

    A cat lover, Jesus leaving the cross and Christmas carollers holding pitchforks in a snowy and icy scenery. ‘Zima’, a psychedelic journey to a small fishing village, collects as if in a lens the behaviour, customs and vices of the Polish provinces. A horror-like animation in the convention of magic realism.

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  • Underdog

    dir. David ArslanianFrance2022fiction21'

    Winter, by night. Mirko, a 23-year-old student, has only a few hours left to pay back his unpaid rent or he will be evicted. As a bicycle deliveryman at night, he must succeed in making a maximum of orders to pay off his debt.

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  • Mariupol. A Hundred Nights

    dir. Sofiia MelnykUkraine, Germany2023animated7'

    A dramatic and shocking picture of the Russian invasion in Ukraine presented from the perspective of a four-year-old girl. To create the animation, authentic photographs of destroyed buildings and drawings of war made by children were used. This terrifying film does not allow the viewer to remain indifferent.

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  • Daughter

    dir. Yaser TalebiIran2022documentary25'

    A father and daughter in a conservative Iranian town. She is expected to be obedient, take care of the aging man, give up her university plans in exchange for a quick marriage, while a new wife is being sought for him. Sarah is not very fond of the idea as no one can replace her late mom.

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Sunday, June 4 18:00 / MOS 1 / 100'