Virtual Reality at KFF

Virtual Reality at KFF

Thursday, May 30 12:00 / Pałac Potockich 4 / 420

Virtual Reality at KFF

List of films

  • Missing 10 Hours VR

    Fanni Fazakas

    Welcome to Missing 10 Hours, a night-time party where having the most fun is the ultimate goal, regardless of the consequences. 'Missing 10 Hours VR' is an interactive story that guides you through the narrative, allowing you to make decisions that affect the outcome. Based on true stories of young partygoers who are survivors of drug-facilitated abuse.

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  • Human Violins

    Ioana Mischie

    ‘Human Violins’ evokes the power of transformative music in the darkest of times. The story is inspired by a heartbreaking real fact: during the Holocaust, many Jews were allowed to choose only one object before being brought to the camps and some of them chose their violin.

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  • You Destroy. We Create. The War on Ukraine's Culture

    Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran

    Witness how Ukrainian art & culture have become targets of the ongoing war and meet the inspiring people on the frontlines protecting it.

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    film still You Destroy. We Create. The War on Ukraine
  • Darkening

    Ondřej Moravec

    How is the world perceived by someone with depression? The animated immersive film uses virtual reality to address depression and the ways to cope with it.

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    film still Darkening
  • Simple Songs about Death

    Marta Wieczorek, Maciej Czurychta

    The experience involves a meditative journey through the misty landscape of the Vistula River. As the audience, we are mere observers of the encountered situations, with no influence over the course of events.

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    film still Simple Songs about Death