Short Film Competition

Monday, June 1 16:00 / Online room 4 /

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Short Film Competition

List of films

  • How My Grandmother Became a Chair

    dir. Nicolas FattouhLebanon, Germany, Qatar2020animated10'

    One day flowers ceased to smell the way they used to. Then music on the radio became interspersed with noise until it stopped playing completely. When an elderly woman started losing her senses one by one, the housekeeper took care of the grandma. A poignant story about old age using metaphor to show the painful process of departing.

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    • Nicolas Fattouh

  • Adults

    dir. Zhenya KryukovaRussia2019fiction26'

    The confrontation between two adult children of a dead man occurs in his cramped flat on a gloomy day. The brother and the sister have not seen each other for a long time. Their paths have diverged, but mutual animosities have only become stronger. The combination of grief, vodka and the soul creates a powerful image of a family crisis.

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    • Zhenya Kryukova
    • ,
    • Anton Dorushenkov

  • A Friendly Man

    dir. Łukasz KonopaIsrael2019documentary22'

    Without any hesitation, Joza could be called a jolly good fellow. Open, funny, fluent in foreign languages and passionate about his job of a guide in Jerusalem. But behind this jovial image, there hides a man whose adventurous biography could be shared among a few people.

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    • Łukasz Konopa

  • Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves

    dir. Chintis LundgrenEstonia, Croatia, France2019animated18'

    A lost job makes Toomas look for another source of income. He starts as a plumber and ends up in Italian porn-westerns. He keeps his new occupation a secret from his pregnant wife. She has her secrets too... A risqué animation with wolves as the main characters leading up to an unexpected finale.

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    • Chintis Lundgren
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    • Draško Ivezić

  • Innocence

    dir. Ben ReidUnited Kingdom2019fiction20'

    Narrated with the verve characteristic of the best British crime stories, this film is an engaging puzzle from the very first until the last take. It is full of emotions, drama and suspense. A worker of a social welfare home dies in mysterious circumstances – he falls out of a window. How did it happen? Only one man knows the answer - Dylan, a boy with Down syndrome.

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    • Ben Reid

Monday, June 1 16:00 / Online room 4 / 96' + Q&A