Péter Forgács Retrospective

Sunday, May 31 16:00 / Online room 4 /

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Péter Forgács Retrospective

List of films

  • Meanwhile Somewhere 1940-1943

    dir. Péter ForgácsHungary1994documentary52'

    This film, a product of editing amateur wartime footage, includes scenes from the occupied countries of Europe somewhere on the margin of history, far away from the main fronts of World War II. The world has gone mad, the disaster is just around the corner, but life goes on with its own momentum.

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  • The Danube Exodus

    dir. Péter ForgácsThe Netherlands1998documentary60'

    What links Slovak Jews, escaping through Romania to Palestine in August 1939, and Bessarabian Germans who were returning to their homeland they had never seen before one year later under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? This masterpiece of editing brings nameless heroes of great history back to life.

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Sunday, May 31 16:00 / Online room 4 / 112'