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List of films

  • The Night Side

    dir. Alexandra NavratilThe Netherlands2019documentary5'

    The Swiss artist explores the history of such a fascinating medium as analogue photography, which has been enjoying a comeback. In "The Night Side" she refers to the unknown details of the technological process that accompanied the production of Agfa-Orwo photosensitive materials. What was the role of blind Gundula Brett in it 25 years ago? Is a picture born only at the meeting point between darkness and light?

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  • Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal

    dir. Michiel van BakelThe Netherlands2020animated10'

    "I like to visualise things that were not seen before and in this way enhance my experience of reality", says Michiel van Bakel and this is exactly what he does in his film. The photographer and filmmaker who also studied astronomy and psychology makes use of his competencies to evoke spectre-like pictures of the famous Dutch sanatorium.

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  • The Sasha

    dir. María Molina PeiróThe Netherlands2019documentary20'

    On 20 April 1972 Charles Duke made his first step on the Moon. At the age of 36, he was not only one of the youngest but also one of the last lunarnauts. On the surface of the Silver Globe Duke left his shoe tracks as well as a photograph, important for him, which became the subject of fascinating artistic and documentary deliberations of Maria Molina Peiro.

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  • Kodak

    dir. Andrew Norman WilsonUSA2019documentary33'

    The story told by American artist Andrew Norman Wilson may appear incoherent and meandering at first. The spectator has to find himself the concealed relationships between pictures, archival photographs, films, advertisements, computer animations and fragments of stories told by two enigmatic protagonists. It is a fascinating reflection on the status of images and people in the society of late capitalism.

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