Panorama of the Polish Documentary

Tuesday, June 2 22:00 / Online room 3 /

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Panorama of the Polish Documentary

List of films

  • In harmony

    dir. Dorota BatorPoland2019documentary14'

    The title of this documentary impression by Dorota Bator refers to a place in between civilisation and nature. An older couple lives in harmony with nature following its rhythm. Among green trees and singing birds they cultivate the land and keep bees on a bee farm in picturesque surroundings.

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  • How to Swim and Not to Drown

    dir. Anna PawluczukPoland2019documentary22'

    An atypical portrait of a veteran of the competition in "floating on whatever you can find". Every year Arnold constructs hideous unidentified floating objects. His work is accompanied by constant chaos and the family life follows the rhythm dictated by the anticipation of the coming event.

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  • Broken head

    dir. Maciej JankowskiPoland2019documentary42'

    "I like to feel powerful", says Andrzej detained in a unit for recidivists. But problems with the law and drugs make him admit his weakness. Will therapy and a rehabilitation programme help him get back on his feet and sort out his complicated relationship with his girlfriend?

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    • Maciej Jankowski

Tuesday, June 2 22:00 / Online room 3 / 78' + Q&A