Short film competition

Friday, June 4 17:00 / Kino Kijów /

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Short film competition

List of films

  • Mother

    dir. Subarna DasIndia2020animated5'

    Unexpectedly, joyful scenes of children playing and dancing turn into an account of traumatic memories from the past. Mother, who was once circumcised, must perform the same procedure on her daughter. Will she be able to defy the tradition?

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  • Salvia at Nine

    dir. Nari JangSouth Korea2020animated7'

    What is a greater offence? Stealing a chocolate bar or molesting kids in front of the school? While adults hurt children with impunity, a little girl trying to steal sweets is caught red-handed in a shop. She leaves the shop with a sense of guilt, chased by remorse.

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  • Rough

    dir. Declan Lawn, Adam PattersonIreland2020fiction13'

  • Testimony of Ana

    dir. Sachin Dheeraj MudigondaIndia, USA2020documentary24'

    A night, a lake and a stone in the water. The mysterious opening of the film leads to Anaben Pawar, an elderly woman whose life in a small village in India is filled with syncretic rituals. The old lady lives in harmony with nature, yet she is under constant threat from an oppressive, patriarchal culture.

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  • Georgia

    dir. Jayil PakSouth Korea, USA2020fiction30'

    When the police refuse to investigate the suicide of a young girl, a victim of rape, her desperate parents decide to seek justice in a different way. They prepare a unique protest. An example of the cinema of the #MeToo era, sensitive to social inequalities.

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  • In the Dark

    dir. Mehdi ZareiIran2020fiction12'

    In the middle of the night in Southern Iran a family calls a doctor to an emergency case of pneumonia. These 12 minutes, which are impossible to forget, present a harsh picture of oppression and enslavement in patriarchal society. LONG

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Friday, June 4 17:00 / Kino Kijów / 91'