Short film competition

Saturday, June 5 13:30 / Kino Kijów /

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Short film competition

List of films

  • Asbestos

    dir. Javier MarcoSpain2020fiction18'

    A surreal and poetic story about a couple that finds a hedgehog costume covered with asbestos at a scrapyard. The odd outfit introduces an element of a puzzle to their world. It provokes and observes the protagonists and the world immersed in pandemic loneliness. LONG:

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  • Clara with a Mustache

    dir. Ilir BlakçoriKosovo2021animated10'

    People exiled from their homes, deprived of money and valuables, sent to prisons – that is how they are treated during a war. A witness to these dramatic events is a German mark banknote with a portrait of Clara Schumann, passed from hand to hand.

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  • Locked Out

    dir. Julien GoudichaudFrance2020documentary24'

    A documentary elegy for the poor, destitute and homeless. The protagonists of the film are three people without a place to live, forgotten by the welfare system and the society. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when European cities were deserted, their lives became even more unstable.

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  • Have a Nice Dog!

    dir. Jalal MaghoutGermany, Syrian Arab Republic2020animated13'

    Damascus, in the midst of war, chaos and disintegration, becomes a bleak scenery for an animation about a life underpinned by fear and helplessness. The protagonist living in Syria knows that here a bomb may destroy his house any minute. ‘Have a Nice Dog!’ shows an apocalypse happening directly in front of our eyes.

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    • Jalal Maghout

  • Branka

    dir. Ákos K KovácsHungary, Serbia2021fiction20'

    In the early 1990s Yugoslavia, the country divided by a bloody conflict, is falling apart. At that uncertain time a young nurse, Branka, starts to work at hospital. Soon, she discovers that the drama is not only outside its walls. New-borns are dying at the obstetric ward.

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    • Ákos K Kovács

Saturday, June 5 13:30 / Kino Kijów / 85' + Q&A