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National Competition, Short film competition

Wednesday, June 2 16:00 / Online 2 /

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National Competition, Short film competition

List of films

  • On Time

    dir. Zbigniew CzaplaPoland2021animated5'

    Timetables flashing at a dizzying pace are juxtaposed with Hokusai’s drawings – this is a story, set in Japan, about travelling and the world rushing ahead faster and faster. The spirit of Bashō’s poetry is permeating the whole animation, setting the tone of philosophical reflection to this visually intense film.

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  • Too Late

    dir. Kinga SyrekPoland2021animated16'

    The protagonist of the animation is a model, actress, star of Andy Warhol’s films and his partner, Edie Sedgwick. The main axis of the film, however, is not her relationship with the American artist, but the relationship with her toxic father. Difficult childhood has cast a shadow on her adult life, soaked with alcohol and filled with drugs.

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  • Solar Voyage

    dir. Adam ŻądłoPoland2021documentary18'

    ‘This is a film about Mirek Lech, a visionary, inventor, extreme traveller and a champion of renewable energy sources’. The portrait of an unconventional protagonist takes on an unconventional form: a parody of a documentary essay with elements of friendly humour.

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  • Love in Times of Coal-Based Economy

    dir. Tomasz SiwińskiPoland, Croatia2021animated12'

    Zbyszek, overwhelmed by the cold and his work in a mine, attempts to commit suicide. Only a voice-over from the TV and love for a mine crane operator keep him alive. A dark and disturbing animation with elements of fantasy, in the style of socialist realism posters.

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  • The Last Room on the Left

    dir. Adrian ApanelPoland2021fiction30'

    ‘I’m here because of the add’ – a boy in foggy glasses explains the reason for his unexpected visit to an irritated landlady. When it turns out that he is solvent, the woman invites him inside. Is it really the room he was looking for? Or, maybe, it is a trap out of which he will not manage to get out?

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Wednesday, June 2 16:00 / Online 2 / 81'