Short Matters!

Saturday, June 5 16:30 / MOS 1 /

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Short Matters!

List of films

  • All Cats Are Grey in the Dark

    dir. Lasse LinderSwitzerland2019documentary19'

    Christian, a lonely middle-aged man, lives with his two beloved cats, Marmolada and Katyusha. As he wants to become a father, he decides to have Marmolada inseminated by a foreign cat, Hector. This subtle film shows an unconventional relationship between a human and an animal and the need of becoming close and developing a bond. European Film Award for Best Short Film in 2020

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  • Genius Loci

    dir. Adrien MérigeauFrance2019animated16'

    Reine, a young and fragile loner, is going through a difficult period in her life. One night, everything around her becomes surprisingly metaphysical. Walking through a city, the girl somehow enters into interactions with other loners and notices touching unity amidst urban chaos. Will this evening bring answers to the questions about existence and the need of transformation pestering her? EFA nominee at Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg

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  • Sun Dog

    dir. Dorian JespersBelgium, Russia2020fiction20'

    On the longest night of the year, Fedor, a young locksmith, takes his time to walk from client to client in the darkness of the freezing Russian Arctic. With every order, he seems to be losing himself even more to the world of dreams until surreal meetings reach a culmination point and a fascinating optical phenomenon can be seen on the horizon. EFA nominee at Rotterdam.

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  • Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the Days

    dir. Regina PessoaPortugal, Canada, France2019animated13'

    This story is presented in the form of a letter written to the uncle of a young woman, a neurotic outsider obsessed with numbers. All the time the girl considers him fascinating, unique and trustworthy. Black and white images supplemented with a shade of red revive the past. Regina’s memories are a tribute to Tadeusz and an expression of her faith that you do not need to be ‘someone’ to become exceptional for someone else. EFA nominee at the Riga International Film Festival

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Saturday, June 5 16:30 / MOS 1 / 68'