Screening of Awarded Films

Sunday, June 6 16:00 / MOS 1 /

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Screening of Awarded Films

List of films

  • First Last Summer

    dir. Nastazja GoneraPoland2020fiction24'

    In the world destroyed by an environmental disaster, a secret military base somewhere at the coast carries out experiments on people. There is a way to transform recidivists into animals from endangered or extinct species. The process is cruel, but love and rebellion arise even at such a place and time.

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  • 1970

    dir. Tomasz WolskiPoland2021documentary70'

    Tomasz Wolski reveals the real dynamics of the events on the Polish Coast in December 1970. Combining archival footage with recently discovered transcripts of conversations between decision-makers, he creates an overall image of the protests. He pays tribute to the fallen but mostly sheds new light on actions of the authorities: recalls specific names and exposes mechanisms of repression and propaganda.

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Sunday, June 6 16:00 / MOS 1 / 94'