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Screening of Awarded Films

Saturday, June 5 22:00 / Online 3 / 180

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Screening of Awarded Films

List of films

  • Far Eastern Golgotha

    dir. Julia SerginaRussia2021documentary85'

    ‘It’s better to be a clown than an intelligent slave’- thinks Viktor Toropcev, a youtuber from Khabarovsk Krai in the eastern corner of Russia. The protagonist starts a fight with Leviathan – local corruption, omnipresent hopelessness and the intimidation of anarchists trying to wake up Russian society from slumber. The winner of the Golden Horn at the 61st KFF.

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  • The Hangman at Home

    dir. Michelle Kranot, Uri KranotDenmark, France, Canada2021animated14'

    A pregnant woman bolts the door, a man goes to sleep among flying bombs, a father is playing with his daughter – each of them is caught in an intimate, emotion-laden moment. We are peeping at them, like at the hangman from Carl Sandburg’s poem – what is the hangman thinking about when returning home from work?

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  • 1970

    dir. Tomasz WolskiPoland2021documentary70'

    Tomasz Wolski reveals the real dynamics of the events on the Polish Coast in December 1970. Combining archival footage with recently discovered transcripts of conversations between decision-makers, he creates an overall image of the protests. He pays tribute to the fallen but mostly sheds new light on actions of the authorities: recalls specific names and exposes mechanisms of repression and propaganda.

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Saturday, June 5 22:00 / Online 3 / 180'