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Open air cinema29.05 | 21:30
dir. Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard | documentary, 2014, United Kingdom | 97 min.
Nick Cave is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of the world of music, literature and film. The 20 000th day of his life, which starts with the sound of an alarm clock and ends with a night walk along the beach after a concert, turns into an extraordinary and fascinating portrayal of the artist. Scenes of his conversations with the therapist, materials from rehearsals and... more
Mikro30.05 | 15:00
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Q&A)02.06 | 17:00
dir. Boaz Frankel | fiction, 2016, Israel | 20 min.
A moving and highly naturalistic cinema that attempts to tame death and its inevitable banality, which is part of the natural order of things. The end comes among other matters, quietly, in the middle of various procedures and duties that a director of a residential care home must face. For Doron, it is yet another day. Only the weather seems worse. Someone took his parking spot. The wind broke... more
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki29.05 | 12:30
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Q&A)31.05 | 15:00
dir. Detsky Graffam | fiction, 2015, Germany | 21 min.
Three men stranded in the middle of a street island soon realise that crossing the street on red light means imminent death. Only one of them will continue to fight the trap he found himself in until the very end. Cork Short Film... more
ARS28.05 | 14:00
Pod Baranami Cinema (Q&A)01.06 | 16:00
dir. Kimi Takesue | documentary, 2016, USA | 85 min.
The director’s grandfather, who has recently lost his wife, is a descendent of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii who, despite his 95 years of age, has not said his last word yet. When his granddaughter shows him her feature film script, the grandpa turns out to be an insightful reader and creative advisor. The text evokes his personal memories from the time of his youth. The conversations about a... more
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki31.05 | 14:30
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki02.06 | 15:00
dir. Floor van der Meulen, Issa Touma, Thomas Vroege | documentary, 2015, Syrian Arab Republic, The Netherlands | 13 min.
In August 2012, Issa Touma, a Syrian photographer, takes out his camera and registers the first nine days of the war in Aleppo from his window. He films his neighbours leaving their homes and the all-encompassing horror. He shows how this situation affects him personally as he may not leave his home, he is out of food and loses his Internet connection. For him, art becomes the only option of... more
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki29.05 | 14:30
Mikro (Q&A)02.06 | 20:00
dir. Fiona Godivier | fiction, 2016, France, USA | 15 min.
Arizona, 2016. A family is preparing for another normal evening. First, there is a short prayer before the meal. Then the mother and the daughter may have some rest. The father and the son set off for a night patrol along the wall. It is not Donald Trump’s America yet, but isn’t it really? The young director’s vision of life in the borderland between the USA and Mexico intrigued Joaquin... more
Pod Baranami Cinema (Q&A)30.05 | 16:00
ARS02.06 | 21:30
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki04.06 | 18:00
dir. Lissette Orozco | documentary, 2017, Chile | 96 min.
In the director’s childhood memories her aunt was a beautiful, chic and worldly woman. When it turns out that Adriana was a personal assistant to the commander of the secret service during Pinochet’s dictatorship and feels no remorse today, the director sets out to find the truth, even the most painful one. Her investigation of the family secret turns into a story about collective amnesia... more
Małopolski Ogród Sztuki (Q&A)28.05 | 12:00
Mikro01.06 | 20:00
dir. Nancy Camaldo, Veronika Hafner | documentary, 2016, Germany | 30 min.
What is age and what is the process of aging? Directors ask these questions to people of various age - Children, teenagers, adults, seniors and even centenarians. Each of the respondents deals differently with the unavoidable process of aging. The current stage of their lives and their experiences have a profound impact on the answers. Due to its form and topic, this film made by German directors... more
ARS (Q&A)01.06 | 19:00
Pod Baranami Cinema03.06 | 11:00
dir. Jacqueline Zünd | documentary, 2016, Switzerland | 80 min.
They come from different countries but all share the belief that despite advanced age and many wasted opportunities in life it is not too late to seek happiness. A retired Japanese man tries to make up for the time once filled with work by reading fairy tales to children, an American leaves everything behind and sets off to the desert and a Brit entertains guests performing as a drag queen in a... more
Pod Baranami Cinema29.05 | 21:00
ARS (Q&A)02.06 | 14:00
dir. Anna Wiśniewska | documentary, 2017, Poland | 53 min.
The documentary consists of the scenes from business trips of a composer, Piotr Klimek, with a voice-over that reflects upon the events but also ironically comments on music and the nature of art in general. The comments are complemented by a soundtrack composed of stylistically varied pieces of music that make up a collage together with the sounds from the musician’s everyday life, concerts,... more