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Pod Baranami Cinema (Q&A)29.05 | 18:30
ARS02.06 | 11:30
dir. Damian Kocur | fiction, 2018, Poland | 26 min.
Damian Kocur, who has made such award-winning films as „What I Want”, „Nothing New under the Sun” and is known for working with amateur actors, comes back with a new short film. On his own terms, he has tried his hand at historical cinema. It is 1410 and one of the greatest battles of medieval Europe is about to begin. The tensions between the Kingdom of Poland and the Great Teutonic... more
MOS | Małopolski Ogród Sztuki29.05 | 12:00
Mikro (Q&A)01.06 | 17:30
dir. Victor Orozco Ramirez | animated, 2018, Germany, Mexico | 8 min.
We all know these images: a GIF file with lost John Travolta or a film about an alligator biting a man’s arm off. The animated, chaotic mix of memes circulating online shows the reality that is governed by “likes”. This stream-of-consciousness narration has become an opportunity for the director to reflect on the contemporary world in which our own memories are becoming lost is the jungle... more
Pod Baranami Cinema28.05 | 21:30
MOS | Małopolski Ogród Sztuki31.05 | 17:30
dir. Abel Ferrara | documentary, 2017, Italy | 82 min.
There is a place in Rome frequented by both the homeless and movie stars - Piazza Vittorio. This is where one can meet Abel Ferrara or William Dafoe. The open-air market, bustling with life, which used to be the quintessence of Italy has filled with immigrants from across the world today. Local cheese and meat sellers moved out to give place to Egyptian pizza makers. This microcosm is still a... more
MOS | Małopolski Ogród Sztuki28.05 | 13:00
Pod Baranami Cinema (Q&A)31.05 | 21:00
dir. Petro Aleksowski | documentary, 2018, Poland | 50 min.
Painfully frank stories of two veterans of the war in Afghanistan. The aborted mission ended up in a similar way for them. They are physically wounded and mentally scarred for life. Tomek treated the war as a chance to come to terms with his difficult childhood, Franek left his wife and newly-born child in Poland to go to war. Both of them had dreams that were confronted with the brutal reality... more
Open air cinema28.05 | 21:30
dir. Konrad Tom | fiction, 1936, Poland | 82 min.
Ada is happy, full of life and a bit unruly. Her father sends her to a boarding school in another town where they will teach her manners and what the done things are. In the meantime, he is also planning her wedding with a young son of an earl, but Ada does not want to marry someone she does not know. By accident, she becomes an operetta star and charms one of the spectators with her singing. A... more
ARS (Q&A)29.05 | 15:30
Pod Baranami Cinema31.05 | 21:30
dir. Jaanis Valk | documentary, 2018, Estonia | 92 min.
The eponymous character, Ahto Valter, wants to realize his great dream about a sea voyage around the world. Sailing has been his hobby since he was a boy and as a teenager he sailed from Estonia to New York. In 1938, Ahto followed his plan and set off, together with his family and colourful crew, on the voyage of his lifetime. The film contains primarily archival materials, including films and... more
MOS | Małopolski Ogród Sztuki29.05 | 12:00
Mikro (Q&A)01.06 | 17:30
dir. Lisa Gertsch | fiction, 2017, Switzerland | 25 min.
A poignant, subtle story about love and a fast-progressing disease depicted in the form of a road movie. A man, whose name is Paul, is lost and knocks on the window of Leandra’s car. They are a loving couple but he can remember less and less. He is only 47 and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He will soon move to a care centre but he does not want it at all and convinces Leandra to take a... more
MOS | Małopolski Ogród Sztuki27.05 | 14:30
Mikro30.05 | 20:00
dir. Andreas Neumann, Joshua Homme | documentary, 2017, United Kingdom | 82 min.
When, in 2015, Iggy Pop met Josh Homm from Queens of the Stone Age, nothing boded the great success of their joint album, "Post Pop Depression", which it was soon to achieve. The film shows the backstage of the complex process of creation which took place in the Joshua Tree studio in a Californian desert. The confrontation of different generations and various music styles was enriched with... more
ARS30.05 | 18:00
dir. Władysław Ślesicki | documentary, 1960, Poland | 14 min.
The short film is the only one of its kind as the protagonist is… a dog. The adventures the piebald mongrel are worthy of the thriller character. In the first scene, it witnesses the death of its fellow dog which has been run over by a speeding car. It others it barely escapes death itself – stoned by hooligans, given away to a medical research centre, and seized by dogcatchers. It lives a... more
MOS | Małopolski Ogród Sztuki29.05 | 17:30
Pod Baranami Cinema01.06 | 14:00
dir. Willy Perelsztejn | documentary, 2018, Belgium, Luxembourg | 90 min.
May 1945, the end of World War II. What happened with Hitler’s closest collaborators? Some of them escaped, but many were captured by the American army that set up a secret prison for them in Luxembourg. The most atrocious war criminals are locked up in a former hotel. Murderers turn into convicts awaiting the famous trial. The documentary gives the voice to the creators and actors of the... more