dir. Joe Berlinger | documentary, 2017, USA | 115 min.
Intent to Destroy
We are on the set of The Promise by Terry George, an American independent super production on the Armenian Genocide. Over the time, the film changes into a fascinating essay in which the comments made by historians and the accounts of the last witnesses and their descendants provide us with an insight into the tragic events of 1915 – 1917. Above all, we can discover how big politics nowadays bends and distorts history in the name of short-term goals.

Joe Berlinger

Film director, producer, commercial director and photographer. For over twenty years he has been making documentary films that win and receive nominations to the most important American film awards (including Emmy, the Directors Guild of America Award and Oscars). Along with feature-length projects he also works for television, among others, on the Emmy winning series Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America (2006), Iconoclast (2005-2012) and Paradise Lost (since 1996), whose third part entitled Purgatory (2011) won an Oscar nomination in 2012.